Funny Jokes of The Day – Best Funny Jokes Collection 2014

by Chetan on July 4, 2013

Dad: Son, what comes after 5?
Son: 6, 7.
Dad: Wow! nice my brilliant son,
& after 6, 7?
Son: 8, 9, 10.
Dad: Very good & after that??
Son: Jack, queen, king.

Owner was showing house to 1 girl.
Girl: I have heard that,
Devil lives in this house.
Owner: I don’t know sister,
I have been died since 7 years.

Rahul: How much time will you ,
Take to make food for me??
Rat are jumping in my stomach…
Sonam: Take the rat killing poison & drink it…

Boy: Where are you going??
Girl: For doing suicide.
Boy: Then why have you done,
So much of make up…?
Girl: Oh! Stupid, tomorrow my,
Photo will come in the newspaper…

1 mosquito & fly get married…
Next day fly was crying,
Her friend asked: What happened sister??
She said: Yesterday night I on the,
GOODNIGHT & your jijaji died….

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